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My Caregiver’s Dream I’d Rather Not Analyze

My dream:

I am at the beach with children, either my kids when they were still young or grandchildren I don’t in fact have yet. A blue sky and the sound of waves. We are having a good time, digging in the sand and building sand castles, throwing a beach ball. Suddenly I realize I don’t see Ralph. I call his name. Since I know he is not much for going in the water, I wonder if he has wandered somewhere? Then I hear muffled noises, look around and find him nearby buried under the sand—buried head and all so I really only see the shape of him under the sand and really only the shape of his head because he [a Freudian slip typo I just noticed and fixed–I originally typed “she”] is buried vertically. But somehow those words are burbling up through the sand. When I scoop the sand away, he is still breathing and talking as if nothing is odd….

How vivid and obviously meaningful this dream is. When I woke up I knew exactly what it meant and how it tied in to Ralph’s Early Alzheimer’s. Then emotional self-preservation  set in and blocked my analytic powers. Now I literally cannot remember what about it seemed so important. But let me try to face, here in real time, why the dream scares me on so many levels:

My panic at Ralph’s initial disappearance

How much fun I was having without him

The indistinguishable noises that were his attempt at words

Ralph buried alive

My power to scoop the sand away

Ralph’s nonchalance after I dig him out

My annoyance that he doesn’t notice and keeps on talking

Ralph’s muffled life