Online Resources


About Alzheimer’s A brief film that shows the progression of the disease within the brain. I find it useful to return to from time to time just to keep my bearings.

Alzheimer’s Association  This is the basic site to find information about Alzheimer’s care nationwide and in your home state

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center/National Institute on Aging    There is a lot of factual info here on studies and and resources. The link to their fact sheet, one of the best I’ve found, is  listed under articles This is where to find research projects that may be going on in your area

Alzheimer’  A resource site and on-line community that mixes informational pieces with social networking.

Alzheimer’s Reading Room A lot of different kinds of stuff here

Alzheimer’s Care Blog  Short informative pieces, often giving tips on health and other practical issues

Caregiving with Purpose  I have mixed feelings about this site

Senior Guidance ( This is a listing of facilities in different areas. I would check out any facility you are considering in person yourself, but the site does lay out some useful ground rules about choices to be made that could be of use.



The Alzheimer’s Spouse  A wife deals with her husband who has recently gone into a facility, so  our situations are very different ; but I still find this blog one of the best sites to visit for advice and information on a human level

Alzheimer’s Wife Another more advanced case of Alzheimer’s is discussed with clarity and honest.

Diagnosis: Alzheimers  This story, of a diagnosis of a successful man in his sixties, felt particularly familiar as I read it.

Not My Original Plan A single woman in her thirties has chosen to care for her mother as her memory fades. The goodness and generosity of spirit she exhibits is inspirational because she doesn’t seem to notice just how selfless her decisions are….


Alzheimer’s Disease Fact Sheet  From the National Institute of Health, an excellent basic information sheet

“When Lapses Are Not Just Signs of Aging” by Jane Brody, NY Times

“What Does Alzheimer’s Do To the Brain”

Vitamin E For Alzheimer’s?  There is new controversy surrounding the value of Vitamin E and Alzheimer’s and this article seems to take an unbiased, rational approach

Coping with Mild Cognitive Impairment by Judith Graham, NY Times

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