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A Summer Moment

Here’s a poem for a change of pace. I feel a bit shy posting it here, but It does capture Ralph’s life at this stage of his cognitive impairment better than  a longer explanation perhaps. I have had some trouble with formatting so hope this looks ok….

A Summer Moment

Black birds part the clouds, a river

fast and noisy as Mountain Creek itself

casting its black shadow across the grass.

The noisy rush of wing and throat and beating air

filters through the branches of dogwood and oak.

They come and come and are gone in a rush.

The air goes still.

Out on the porch where you rock and drink beer

the radio talks to you about tornadoes in Texas

and politicians whose name you rarely remember.

The dogs sleep at your feet, their dog breath

thickened by the smoke from your cigarette,

your brain a black river of lost thoughts.